Thursday, January 12, 2012

Starting out

So it's snowing outside the car and I feel like now would be a good time to sit down and write this post before we drive and I lose wifi access again. I really don't even know where to begin I mean I have so much to say and I'm so scared right now that its sortahard to think. I guess I'll sorta from the beginning and try to calm down while i write though I dont know how much good that will do.

That kid Shaun showed up at my house a few weeks ago to talk with M. the minute he showed up he and M were always yelling at each other but then they would like make up and seem better so it was okay. I remember the first day he got here I asked him what he thought of the place.
"It's not really tall enough for the great and mighty M, don't you think?" he said but I think that was a joke because then he grinned sort of sarcastically. I'm not gonna lie the guy was sort of creepy but that was because he had these really searching eyes, like he was always expecting someone or something to jump out of a bush and attack him.

So we kept him in the house for almost three weeks. During that time I don't think he or M were really very happy. M yelled at him a lot about this girl named Elaine and that made Shaun really mad so he yelled back about that girl Beth. I guess M and Beth were friends at some point? I read her blog it wasn't that good.

But I guess it doesn't have to be because it's all real which is the second part of the story I have to tell and that's the scariest thing.

Before Shaun left, he told me he wanted me to help M out.
"Take care of him," He said. "He really needs someone to help convince him that people are good for something other than dying."
Which is I thinka kind of weird thing to say but then having seeing what I've seen of M its probably pretty accurate.

After that things were quiet for a week. M didn't talk much except to say he was sorry for the yelling and that maybe it was time to think about leaving soon. That made me kind of sad because he'd been in my house so long I had kind of gotten used to him being around and the thought of him going upset me a lot. I mean I knew he was going to have to at some point since he wasn't paying rent but I hoped he'd stay longer until he could get back on his feet.
I asked if maybe we could keep in touch.
"No," he said. "That wouldn't be safe."

What happened after that was the next night. I came home from the library and put my bag down and called for my roommate and nobody came. Which was odd because someone was usually around by that time at night and they would have ordinarily come and greeted me. So I put my things down and went to look for someone, and then I guess I ... it's really hard to explain but I think I heard something talking to me. Like for anyone who doesn't know about me Im deaf  so this is a strange thing to explain and I don't know where to begin. It was this sort of dry, scratchy sound saying words I didn't know very well and without vibration. By this time I was really freaked out so I went into the living room totry and find someone and I did find someone but I wish I hadn't.

there was blood all over. I mean like all over the place not just kind of on things. On the TV and on the couch and on the table and on the floor and the ceiling and the walls. I don't think I've ever seen that much blood in my life and I lived in Chicago. It was all over everything and there were little bits of what looked like skin that I really don't like thinking about. The voice that I heard got bigger I think because there was more intense vibration and by that time I had noticed Brandon's body on one side of the room, and Megan's  on the other. Except Brandon wasn't a body, Brandon was moving.

I ran over to him and found that he was bleeding really bad and that what looked like his intestines were hanging out. A lot of what happened next is a blur because I was so freaked out from the sight of so much blood that I tried talking to Brandon even though I knew he couldn't speak. He was mumbling a lot and I could read his lips but I don't think he was saying anything coherent. That was when two things happened.

First: M showed up. He ran into the room and started yelling things at me about moving and not being a fucking idiot and wasting anymore time. I told him we had to get Brandon to a hospital.
"No you fucking moron!" He shouted."he's dead already we have to go!"
I was so scared and about to respond but that was when the second thing happened.

It showed up.

That thing, the Slenderman, whatever it is, It sort of stepped down out of my roommates bedroom door from the left side of the room. For a moment it looked like it was hunched over to fit through the door, and then it stood up and I don't think I've seen anything that tall in my life. The voice I was hearing got so loud that it hurt and I couldn't feel or move at all. All I couldsee was that thing standing there in the doorway covered in blood I think. It looked at me even though it doesn't have eyes.And I don't know what It said but It spoke to me.

After that I think M must have dashed across the room to grab me. He was pulling me by the arm down the hallway and away from the Slenderman and we both made a pretty mad rush for my car. He was screaming the whole time about how he had been stupid and how he should have left with Shaun. I guess he was mad at himself for staying around but honestly I don't know what good it would havedone. According to all of you this was going to happen anyway from the moment I pick M up.

But he cursed and told me he shouldn't have done something bad like that to me. He said he was sorry and hen drove us away from my house and my life because I was too scared to see straight. But I don't think he was really very good at driving because we swerved a lot. Then again, maybe he was as scared as me.

We drove for a few miles until we were in some small town just outside of Chicago, and that's where we've stopped now for the night. I think we're planning on catching a plane to somewhere like New York because M says we need to stay up high. I guess now that I know all of this is real I believe him. I trust him. But I just don't know what to do right now other than write this post while sitting in the front of my car. M is asleep in the backseat, though I think he's having a nightmare. He keeps rolling over and mumbling. So I put a blanket from my trunk on him to keep him warm. I've been watching the snow fall for the last few hours while he sleeps.

Gosh that's a lot of writing, but I guess I can see why people do this now, because I think I'm a lot more calm now than I was before. I'm still trying to sort all of this out in my head but it's tough. I didn't know before that all of this was real. I sure feel stupid for thinking it was. I thought this was a game like the seedeater stuff but I was wrong.
and now M and I are on the run together. At least I'm not alone or dead.



  1. Not to be a complete ass, but in all honesty I don't think anyone can say they didn't see this coming. I wonder if M is just thinking "I told you so..." but I don't know him well enough to say yes or no.
    Sorry, bad way to start off, lemme try again.
    Welcome, kicking and screaming as you are, to the fold I guess? That feels so weird to say, I haven't even been at this as long as you've known M.
    You can attest, I'm sure, that M has more of a clue towards survival in this situation than any of us, even if it's far from perfect. "Don't die" doesn't even begin to cover it, but with M around I'm sure you'll manage, so... look out for each other, okay?

    Best of luck.

  2. Yeah I guess a lot of people did say it was going to happen but I thought it was all a story anyway. I don't know what M is thinking but I don't think he's the told you type of person. Thanks anyway for the good will!

  3. Oh.
    Oh my god, kid.

    I'm so fucking sorry. But this is probably the first night of the rest of your life. I wish I could say it gets better.

    It doesn't.

    1. I really hope that that doesn't happen but if it does then I guess I will deal with it. But still I don't want it to.

  4. ...God save us...
    I'm so sorry you have to go trough this with us man. Just hold on and stay safe, I'm sure we'll live to see the end of this.

    Keep updated.

    1. well it helps that I've got M who is apparently pretty good at this but thanks anyway!

  5. I guess insanity is contagious after all. That's too bad.